Volunteers are the backbone of any race day, and if it weren't for them, none of these races would happen. Volunteers are also the lifeblood of trail maintenance and trail building-- If the trails aren't accessible, we'd have nowhere to go!

For many, volunteering is rewarding in it’s own right and a great way to support the trails, friends, loved ones, or the trail running community in general.  For others, it is a way to see things from the other side and to learn about running races before jumping into them. Either way, we treat our volunteers as essential partners, and want to recognize their efforts.

Volunteers have access to the following benefits:

  • Post-race food and beverage
  • Swag, such as a race shirt or hat
  • Race credit toward a future Daybreak Racing event

There are a few restrictions that help make this policy feasible:

  • Credit expires within one year of issuance.
  • Credit and race day benefits will only be provided to volunteers who sign up for a task in advance, and fill an assigned role (i.e., no bringing your 8 best friends to runner check-in)
  • Credit can only be redeemed during registration via ultrasignup.com, and will not be honored on race day,  packet pick-up, or get you around a wait list. 
  • Volunteers must be age 18 and above (or age 16 and above with parent/guardian consent).

For information about volunteering, please complete the form below

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