• Challenging, original and beautiful courses in spectacular locations
  • A high level of organization, communication and effort!
  • A festive, authentic and friendly old school race vibe
  • Well-marked courses by the Race Director
  • Fully stocked aid stations and experienced volunteers
  • Priority on participant safety, support and enjoyment
  • Partnerships with local sponsors who offer local services and local products as much as possible. 
  • Donations to local and relevant beneficiaries for every event
  • Continuous improvement based on participant feedback
  • Highest quality swag, professionally designed and created



Jeremy Long, race director and owner of Daybreak Racing, LLC. Jeremy is an Oregon native and has lived and explored in the Pacific NW his entire life. He currently resides in Hillsboro, Oregon with his wife and two kids. He works at the local health department and has been an avid runner and explorer for over 25 years, with an extensive knowledge and experience on trails throughout the Pacific NW. He's always either dreaming up new courses or chasing after his kids sometimes at the same time!

Daybreak Racing was conceived over years of early morning runs in the Oregon Coast Range foothills west of Portland. These mountainous logging roads set the stage for Jeremy and many friends, meeting routinely by 4AM. Running under headlamps, their conversations always gravitated toward the trails, planting the seeds of dozens of adventures ideas. By daybreak, they’d ramble up and around these rugged foothills while the city slept in the valley below. Upon reaching the ridgeline on their arduous routes, they’d always pause for a moment, instinctively, to honor the new day and savor the sunrise in the east behind the mighty Cascades– offering sweeping ruby-hued views from Mt. Rainier in the north down to Mt. Jefferson in the south. These glorious moments filled Jeremy with a sense of inspiration, appreciation and kinship with good friends in wild places. These storied (and notorious) adventures always started by daybreak  The adventures continue at Daybreak Racing.