Daybreak Racing is about community, fun and respect for our outdoor places. We want everyone to have an amazing experience, so we need to establish some ground rules. These rules are for the safety and well-being of everyone! 



BE RESPECTFUL AND KIND: None of the races would be possible without the help of our volunteers, so please give them your upmost respect! There is also absolutely no littering— Pack it in, pack it out, or utilize garbage bags at aid stations. 

CHECK-IN AT AID STATIONS: Volunteers are tracking all runner bib numbers upon arrival into each aid station. All bib numbers must be visible when arriving at each aid station.

TIME CUT-OFFS: Race cut-offs exist for several reasons, primarily safety, keeping the race on-schedule, and our volunteer’s time. Please respect these reasons, as they are vital to the overall success and continuation of the event. Remember that cut-off times indicate when a runner must leave the aid station!

NOTIFYING RACE OFFICIALS: If you do not finish the race you MUST notify a race official before leaving the event! For safety and permit concerns, runners unable to finish the course for whatever reason may only drop at an aid station location or at the finish line if nearby and uninjured. 

CREW/AID STATION SUPPLIES: Runners may only receive aid at designated aid stations, this includes aid from crew. Runners may not stash aid along the course. This is in fairness to all the runners and to comply with event permit requirements. 

STAY ON COURSE: Stay on designated course trails. Absolutely no cutting trail switchbacks or other shortcuts. Once a runner determines they’ve gone off-course, they must backtrack in order to rejoin the course, then continue the race. Runners must complete the entire race course or risk disqualification; runners must run the exact race route to be a race finisher.

DOGS. Dogs are generally not allowed on the courses. Please inquire if you specific questions.

ANTI-DOPING: Anyone issued a temporary or lifetime ban from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will not be allowed to race. The use of WADA-banned substances is not allowed before, during or after races.

RACE-SPECIFIC RULES: Each race has specific rules. Refer to specific race webpage, pre-race email announcments, and pre-race briefings.