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April 25, 2020


The Tillamook Burn 50 miler is a springtime gem and the perfect kick start to your mountain/ultra/trail running season. It is a deeply forested two-pronged out-and-back course, run almost entirely on singletrack trail. The structure of the course and accessibility for crew also make this a wonderfully social and well-supported race. 

The route straddles the Oregon Coast Range mountain divide starting from Reehers Camp down to the Hwy 6 recreation corridor and back, involving 9000 ft. of ascent and 9000 ft. of descent. There are 8 aid stations along the course. 

The trails are hilly, twisty and generally soft with great footing, although there are some technical sections with rocks and roots, as well as some long climbs and descents. Runners will cross many small rushing streams, pass by some beautiful waterfalls, enjoy miles and miles of remote creekside trail and get some nice territorial views.  


  • RACE DATE: Saturday, April 25, 2020

  • START/FINISH: Reehers Camp in the Tillamook State Forest

  • CHECK-IN: 5:00-5:45AM

  • START TIME: 6:00AM





  • FINAL CUT OFF: 8:00PM at Reehers Camp (14 hours to finish).


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Click on the course map to open a high resolution copy. 


The 50 miler has eight aid stations and is very well supported with enthusiastic and experienced volunteers!  Be sure to express your appreciation for their support during the race. Most aid stations will also have medical personnel present with a full compliment of emergency response and first aid equipment. 

All aid stations will be well stocked with water, Tailwind energy drink, Skout Backcountry trail bars, GU energy gels, PB&J sandwiches, soda, various fruit options, chips, gummi bears, a variety of other ultra fare and basic first aid supplies. All Daybreak races are cupless, so be sure to bring your own cup for liquid at aid stations.

Aid Station Total Distance (mi) Full Aid Restroom Drop Bag Crew Cutoff
Start 0 -- Yes -- --
#1 - Bell Camp (1) 3.6 Water only No No No
#2 - Storey Burn (1) 11.8 Yes Yes No No
#3 - University Falls (1) 16.1 Yes No No No
#4 - Rogers Camp (turnaround) 21.8 Yes Yes Yes Yes 12:00PM
#5 - University Falls (2) 27.5 Yes No No No
#6 - Storey Burn (2) 31.6 Yes Yes No No
#7 - Summit Trailhead (turnaround) 37.1 Yes No Yes Yes 4:15PM
#8 - Bell Camp (2) 46.5 Yes No No No 7:00PM
Finish 50.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes 8:00PM



Start to Aid Station 1 (Bell Camp): Runners start from Reehers Camp on Gales Creek Trail, briefly cross the Nehalem River Bridge on Cochrane Road, then resume on Gales Creek Trail heading south. The course passes the Step Creek Trail junction at 1.2 miles, then begins a substantial 1500 ft. ascent to Bell Camp Aid Station, which will be an unmanned water station on this first pass through. It will be a full service aid station with a crew of awesome volunteers when you come back through near the end of the race.

Aid Station 1 (Bell Camp) to Aid Station 2 (Storey Burn): Departing Bell Camp Aid Station, Gales Creek Trail offers a fantastic rolling descent for 6 miles on scenic creekside trail, crossing many minor streams and lovely small waterfalls. At about mile 9 from the start of the race, the course continues straight at a junction onto Storey Burn Trail, with a rolling 900' ascent over 2 miles to Storey Burn Aid Station. 

 Aid Station 2 (Storey Burn) to Aid Station 3 (University Falls): Leaving Storey Burn Aid Station, runners travel 2 miles on Storey Burn Trail through multiple gullies with small stream crossings and a significant descent, offering awesome views of Larch Mountain (one of the highest points in the Oregon Coast Range) and the Drift Creek canyon below. The Storey Burn Trail goes under the Hwy 6 bridge alongside the Wilson River, then connects onto Gravelle Brothers Trail, immediately crosses a log footbridge over the Wilson River, then continues on winding and rolling trail for 2 more miles to University Falls Aid Station and a roaring, mist-filled encounter with University Falls!

Aid Station 3 (University Falls) to Aid Station 4 (Rogers Camp): From the University Falls Aid Station, the course continues on the Gravelle Brothers Trail to University Falls Trailhead, crosses University Falls Road onto the old historic Wilson River Wagon Road Trail, a gently rolling, twisting trail that crosses multiple gravel roads before reaching Nels Rogers Trail. Many of the largest remaining gray ghost remnant stumps from the Tillamook Burn fires are along this stretch of trail. Runners continue on Nels Rogers Trail alongside the upper Wilson River for half a mile, then climb uphill for a mile or so before reaching a hilltop, then descend to the Rogers Camp Aid Station and the first of the two major turnaround points on the course. Crew and drop bags are allowed at this large gravel day use area at the Hwy 6 summit. There is a 12:00PM CUTOFF at Rogers Camp Aid Station- runners must DEPART the aid station before 12:00PM. 


Aid Station 4 (Rogers Camp) to Aid Station 5 (University Falls): Runners return the way they came from Rogers Camp Aid Station back to University Falls Aid Station, but skip the short side trip to University Falls this time. 

Aid Station 5 (University Falls) to Aid Station 6 (Storey Burn): Runners return the way they came from University Falls Aid Station back to Storey Burn Aid Station. 

Aid Station 6 (Storey Burn) to Aid Station 7 (Summit Trailhead): Leaving Storey Burn Aid Station heading back north on Storey Burn Trail, runners are treated to a sweet rolling descent for 2 miles, then take a hard right turn at the junction with Gales Creek Trail, head over a footbridge and continue for 0.8 miles to Gales Creek Campground. The course skirts the day-use parking lot at Gales Creek Campground where Gales Creek Trail continues uphill for 2.4 miles up to Summit Trailhead and the second of two major turnaround points on the course. Crew and drop bags are allowed at this large gravel lot near the Hwy 6 summit. There is a strict 4:15PM CUTOFF at Summit Aid Station- runners must depart the aid station before 4:15PM in order to be allowed to continue. 

Aid Station 7 (Summit Trailhead) to Aid Station 8 (Bell Camp): From Summit Trailhead, runners head back down Gales Creek Trail to the day-use parking lot at the campground, then continue on Gales Creek Trail heading upstream back to the footbridge junction with Storey Burn Trail. After the footbridge, turn right to stay on Gales Creek Trail and continue for 6 miles for a long rolling ascent back to Bell Camp Aid Station, passing many small creeks and quaint waterfalls along the way. This is the most difficult section of the entire course, however If you're not "in it to win it", this is one of our favorite sections to stand in a creek and cool those tired feet, fill a hat with cold water and splash the salt out of our faces- you'll get several chances to do so on this stretch. There is a strict 7:00PM CUTOFF at Bell Camp Aid Station- runners must depart the aid station before 7:00PM in order to continue.

Aid Station 8 (Bell Camp) to Finish: It's all downhill from here! From Bell Camp Aid Station, you've got one 1500' bombing descent on the last few miles back to Reehers Camp for the finish! 



Crew and spectators are welcome at the Start/Finish area at Reehers Camp, Rogers Camp Aid Station (Aid #4) and Summit Trailhead Aid Station (Aid #7). Limited crew only (no spectators) are allowed at Storey Burn Aid Station (Aid #2 & 6), however there is no parking allowed. Crew must walk or bike the 2 miles up Storey Burn Road from Summit Aid Station parking area to meet their runner. Please note that Rogers Camp Aid Station and Summit Trailhead Aid Station offer large maintained gravel parking areas and are within half a mile driving distance from each other.  



Drop bags are allowed at Rogers Camp Aid Station 4 and Summit Trailhead Aid Station 7:

  • SIZE: Drop bag size must be smaller than a 20L daypack, water resistant and made of durable material. Bags that are too large will not be accepted and will not go the requested aid station. 

  • LABEL: Write your first name, last name, bib number and aid station name (Rogers Camp AS4 or Summit AS7) in large bold permanent writing on your drop bags. 

  • RETURN: Please consider that drop bags will not be returned back to Reehers Camp until each aid station shuts down after race sweepers arrive. Rogers Camp drop bags should return back to Reehers Camp by 1pm, and Summit Trailhead drop bags by 5:30pm. Have your crew grab your drop bags from the aid station if possible.

  • CONTENTS: The race is not responsible for missing, damaged, lost or stolen drop bags or contents. 

Please be sure to pick up your drop bags after you finish. It will cost you a lot if we have to ship your bags back to you.


The event permit does not allow pacers.


Check the latest local weather here.


We believe giving back to the trails should be part of the sport of trail running. In an effort to encourage greater participation within the ultra/trailrunning community, and in recognition of the sport's considerable demand and reliance on public lands, all 50 mile race entrants (50K participants encouraged) will need to contribute 4 hours at any organized trail work party OR 6 hours of volunteering at any official ultra/trail running event. Dates of completion must be between July 1, 2019 and April 15, 2020. It should not be a challenge to meet this requirement within the allotted time frame. We will have a buyout option during registration if you choose not to complete the volunteer work.

Proof of your volunteer time shall be in the form of a photo/selfie taken during your volunteer work (you must appear in the photo). The photo may either be emailed to the Race Director or posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) with Daybreak Racing tagged in the post. Include your location and description of work. Make it fun!

We will be hosting a trail work party that will fulfill this requirement, and we would love your participation:

  • DATE: TBA, likely the last Saturday in March, 2020. Work from 10am-2pm. Raffle and picnic afterward.


  • WHAT TO BRING: Sturdy boots, work gloves, eye protection, long sleeved shirt, pants, rain gear (if needed), hard hat or bike helmet (extra hard hats will be available if you don’t have one), drinking water and a lunch/snacks.

  • SIGN UP: We will have a sign-up form a few months prior to the work date.


See the Daybreak Racing Cancellation Policy.

This event is located entirely on the Tillamook State Forest, managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry. In accordance with State and Federal law and Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. ODF is an equal opportunity provider and employer.